Boutique Manager



Supervise and train staff

Review staff performance and offer constructive feedback

Collaborate with team members on setting and achieving team-specific goals

Make inventory report based on current trends, availability of new products and customer interest

Display merchandise to maximize purchasing appeal

Organize sales and product demonstrations

Organizing work schedules

Write sales and customer reports and make recommendations for improvements

Interact with customers and resolve complaints or grievances

Work closely with reporting manager


Minimum 1 year experience in similar roles

Strong communication and interpersonal skills to effectively lead staff, help customers and work with upper management

Great customer service skills, including patience and active listening, to ensure customers feel heard and helped

Presentation skills and knowledge of best visual and marketing display practices

Conflict management skills to resolve customer issues effectively and ensure efficiency on teams

Good time management skills to set realistic deadlines and follow specific steps to reach time-sensitive objectives

In-depth knowledge of the store’s merchandise, its exact location and its prices

Self motivated & resourceful with a positive can - do attitude

Must be able to speak English