Social Media Intern (PAID)

A Social Media Intern, or Digital Media Intern is a trainee working to gain experience managing an organisation’s social media platforms. Their primary duties include writing posts and crafting captions, creating social media campaigns and performing research for the social media team.


Social Media Interns perform a wide range of duties, including administrative tasks. These tasks will all be carried out under the supervision of a more senior staff member. Some of their main duties and responsibilities include:
  • Writing social media posts and captions and updating the social media pages
  • Responding to customer feedback and maintaining communications online
  • Creating social media campaigns to increase engagement and target new audiences
  • Creating graphic and visual content for dissemination on social media pages
  • Carrying out research for team projects
  • Sharing related content from partner brands and organisations with their social media audience
  • Analysing social media numbers regularly
  • Preparing periodic reports for review by a supervisor
  • Develop engaging content for TikTok and Little Red Book platforms